The strength

  The introduction of the seven two nine scientific research center

  In 2005 December, the city of Tianjin Institute of industrial rubber science and technology R & D center was established.

  R & D center was founded, a total of 21 task, the government approved the social principal and independent R & D, has a strong R & D capability.

  R & D can only update the senior technical personnel 31 people, graduate student 9 people, enjoy the government subsidy expert 4 people, has 1200 square meters factory, has 6 research room, rubber products research areas related to the table tennis sports equipment, sports to glue, adhesive, NBR, medical rubber, rubber regeneration, casting polyurethane products, railway locomotives and rail.

  Center of information of reference rooms of the existing in Britain, Japan, France, Russia and Germany in six kinds of foreign language periodicals and books, and is responsible for the “rubber resources” editing and publishing of journals.



           The framework of universal material testing machine            MDR2000 type rotor free sulfur variometer



                        Microcomputer programmable erect type constant                         Fu Liye infrared spectrometer

                           temperature and humidity test machine