729 portable racket pressure machine

Product description:

1, the national team and professional team of inorganic era of customized products, can reduce the risk of racket thickness exceed the standard in professional events.

2, this product has the advantages of small volume, easy to carry, is the bonding tool shop must have the professional equipment, fully professional business style, also is the best gifts friends gifts table.

The traditional bonding 3, bid farewell to roll plastic rod and the glass plate pressure adhesive, rubber gluing convenient, also suitable for organic glue; greatly improve the adhesive strength, smoothness and elasticity of uniformity, so that the inherent properties of the foam into full play.

4, the power system adopts imported form, durable; built-in microcomputer processing chip, pressure measurement accuracy; the built-in high capacity lithium battery, use place is not restricted, can also use the 220V power supply.

5, as many as six stage adjustable pressure can meet the personalized needs of the users, the application of different style fit the requirements of stick out a mile, digital pressure reality system, pressure and memory function to make repeated adhesion of the rubber properties with high stability.

The pressure range suitable for different style:

0.04-0.05 MPa for a comprehensive style

0.06-0.07 MPa loop combination of fast break game

0.08-0.09 MPa for play fast loop combination

Above is the pressure recommended reference value, according to the users' personal habits and selection pressure.