In 2014 thirty-second session of Chinese International Sporting Goods Fair booth design and build project bidding instructions
2014-10-16 17:23:29

Due to business development needs, Tianjin seven two nine sports equipment development Co., Ltd will attend the 2013 Beijing sports Expo (summer). The spirit of sincere cooperation, the principle of fairness and impartiality, is the thirty-two sports Expo (summer) set up exhibition booth design, matters of invitation to bid, welcome booth design, have the strength to build the company involved in general.


1, introduce the basic situation:


(1) the name of the company: Tianjin seven two nine sports equipment Sales Company Limited


(2) the exhibition Name: 2014 (thirty-second session) Chinese International Sporting Goods Fair (summer)


(3) the booth location: Wuhan


(4) time: May 9, 2014 May 12th exhibitors.


(5): A2B008 exhibition hall (indoor), open on all sides


Booth: (6): 12L area of x9W=108 square meters



(7) the main colors: red (M100, Y100) black K100, can assist other colors.


2, the content of invitation to bid


Name: thirty-second sports Expo (summer) exhibition design and build


Bid deadline: March 5, 2014


3, note


Please bid scheme by QQ or email delivery, after the cut-off time of about 7 days to inform the telephone form next round draft of repair, no successful programs, I Division will retain its bid data, no longer return, without notice, I'd like to express my gratitude.


4, the bidding unit qualification requirements


(1) the tendering units needs to be registered professional exhibition company;


(2) the tender units need to have better performance in recent years has no adverse health company business behavior;


(3) a rich set up experience. Participated in the past Chinese International Sporting Goods Fair (summer) exhibition priority.


5, the overall design requirements


(1) design should reflect the 729 brand of professional table tennis, using sound, light, electricity and other high-tech means to heighten the atmosphere, can definitely reflects the corporate image and strength.


(2) style requirements: Happy Sport spirit;


(3) the use of standard of environmental protection material.


(4) the main colors: red (M100, Y100) black K100, can assist other colors. The 729 prominent professional table tennis brand image and brand image spokesman Chinese national table tennis team players: Hao Shuai


(5) the time in design, full consideration should be given to the implementation, combined with the quotation, control the building cost.


6, each functional area of the design requirements


(1) subject: 108 square meters, single layer structure, the requirements of the open design, (2) booth function area division


First, product terminal display area: to comply with this category of terminal sales shop beauty Chen style, reasonable product display, highlight the main exhibition products, in both customer browsing convenient at the same time, fully consider the security.


A main exhibition products: preparing special exhibition highlights


The red crown of table A




The rubber types: Pentium, Qiyuan, Tian Yi (astringent), legend, limit


The finished racket: 729 finished filming new


The extension of class: rubber, sports apparel, table tennis professional shoes


Two other exhibits:


The bottom class: about 22


The general product beat: about 9


The rubber products: about 36


The other categories: glue, glue, table tennis, pressure regulator


Second, brand image display area: to highlight the 729 integration, scale, LED large screen

Third, discussion area: comfort and good safety; is not less than 4 group negotiation table and chair, highlight key exhibits.


IV, reception area: near his flow area, outstanding functionality


V, interactive activities area: the placing table tennis table (table width is 1.52 meters long and 2.76 meters), the area size of not less than 2.5 meters wide, 3.5 meters long


VI, goods storage room;: for hidden, large capacity, preferably near the center region;


The above requirements per unit area of the layout is reasonable, clear delineation of nature, at the same time, to facilitate the flow of people through the.


7, other


(1) Pavilion with a height identification (i.e. in the distance could see Tianjin seven two nine sports equipment sales Co., Ltd logo);


(2) the booth to have LED large screen


(3) to give full consideration to the location of the booth, and identify the main channel according to the situation around the booth, exhibitors to comprehensive reference around the previous design scheme, our scheme is formulated.


(4) quotes on all timber materials marked with the quotation according to the unity of our price format item.


(5) please note that reserved the art printing, portrait position. There are art place to use company product figure reflected in the scheme.


(6) this build to do simple and exquisite principle. Details will be handled, exhibition to provide dimensions and reference pictures.


8, the bid contains content


In the tender should be at least the main contents include the following:


(1) the tender side of enterprise introduction


(2) the tenderee enterprises previous engineering case


(3) the competitive bidding design (main view, layout, four vertical profile, bird's eye view, each part of the board layout)


(4) the total price and the bill of materials and the cost breakdown


(5) the contract template


(6) the project time schedule


9, the tender requirements and contact way


(1) the tender units should be in by the deadline (March 5th) the submitted design.


(2) the design scheme should include the design idea of text, diagram, using materials, making budget and other related data integrity.


(3) electronic tendering address:


(4) QQ:359631508 (6) contact: Shi Yingchun Tel: 022-23787398


10, company information can log onto company official website www. understand and download