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Tianjin seven two nine sports equipment sales Co., Ltd. is located in high tech Zone of Tianjin Huayuan Industrial Park, the company covers an area of 53000 square meters, belonging to the Rubber Industry Research Institute of Tianjin city, is a world class professional table tennis sports equipment of transnational supply institutions engaged in table tennis equipment production and marketing.


The brand was founded in 1972 729. In 1971, the Chinese table tennis team after 4 years after returning to the world table tennis, but because of the ping-pong equipment backward lost the men's singles and women's groups of 2 gold medals, Tianjin rubber industry research after the shoulder the arduous task of development of new particles. To 1972 September, China's first piece of sticky rubber "elastic" combination and "friction" perfect birth in Tianjin rubber industry research, and was named "friendship 729", "729" has embarked on the glorious history stage.


729 professional table tennis equipment has the achievements of the 63 world champion, Xi Enting, Hu Yulan, Liang Geliang, Shi Zhihao, Tong Ling, Guo Yuehua, Cai Zhenhua, Qiao Hong, Deng Ya Ping, Wang Nan, Liu Guoliang and so on all through the "729" magic weapon had boarded Championship podium.


729 in the ongoing technological innovation at the same time, has inherited the "quality first" concept of industry, in the industry took the lead through the ISO9001 certification, and has introduced the ERP management system, JIT and 5S on-site management, to provide quality products escort. At present "729" brand as the leading table tennis products are single adhesive, rubber, bottom plate, finished shooting, table, glue and other 6 series of hundreds of specifications, and with strong technical strength, high-quality professionals and strong product market awareness in the community to establish a good corporate image and brand visibility, widespread trust and praise from various circles of society table personnel.


Enterprise culture


Enterprise purpose: the country ball is wonderful because of 729, 729 professional and evergreen

Business philosophy: the technology as the forerunner, management as the basis, the market as the core, service guarantee to do

Enterprise spirit: high efficiency, cooperation, honesty, intentions, advice, responsible, innovation


Scientific research strength



2008 day. Comprehensive intervention in the technical field of railway track vibration damping, developed WJ-7 type sleeper rubber pad, and successfully applied to the Shanghai Nanjing high-speed railway. Subsequently, the day. Put the product chain extension to the city track and locomotive vehicle damping and noise reduction, to High-speed Rail WJ-8C elastic plate, subway development by polyester elastomer backing, EMU body noise damping rubber plate and the damping air spring, covers the highest requirements of the industry technology.


The 729 table tennis club



The 729 table tennis club is located in Huayuan Industrial Park 729 Industrial Park, covers an area of about 1200 square meters, is currently the largest city of Tianjin professional table tennis sports center. Since 2010, built in June, is highly concerned will be leading the city, Chinese table tennis and other world champion, and configuration and service of the club gave high evaluation.